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Our names are Deanna, Christina, Alicia and Rebecca. We are four sisters, and we’d like to tell you our story.

We grew up in West Allis, WI as part of a tight-knit, big family that loved dancing, gymnastics, singing, and performing in general. The moment one of us turned 3 years old, we were in any class we could do! We did poms, ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, tumbling and baton.

Our mother, Sandy, actually coined our name, “Foursis.” During our childhood, we would travel all over Wisconsin and as far as Texas dancing, tumbling, singing and performing various variety shows at different venues. We performed as the group, “The Foursis.”

We also started competitive gymnastics as Swiss Turners, in West Allis. We all were competitive gymnasts and progressed in USA Gymnastics from compulsory to optional levels. We have won various awards and hold individual and team state titles for our years as competitive gymnasts. It is here that we met our dance teacher, Eddy Bray. He taught us ballet, jazz and hip hop and was a daily presence along with our gymnastics training.

We then moved to Trixters Gymnastics in West Allis. Our mom, Sandy, was the head coach and coordinator there for over 15 years. Our Aunts were also coaches and as each of us turned 14 years old, we were given our own classes to teach and choreograph routines for our annual recitals. We continued teaching and grew that program for over 10 years.

Our own training continued as each of us joined our middle school and high school dance teams. We were also part of our high school varsity gymnastics teams. In 1997, when Deanna was a senior in high school, she created a dance team for younger dancers: The Dazzler Dance Team. We had 10 girls that first year! Sandy made all the uniforms and we started competing and earning many first place titles at competitions. We were hooked!

Every year we grew with more members and soon after Tina, Alicia and Becky graduated high school, they became coaches and an instrumental part in coaching the Dazzler Dance Team. We practiced in the summer in our backyard and across the street from our house at Rogers Park. During the cold months, parents of our dancers graciously offered their basements for practice, which we did for 6 years. Our program had grown to 23 members and we had found a new practice space at a church in Milwaukee. We stayed there for 5 more years. During this time, we also added our first Dazzlerette Dance Team. We had 2 teams and over 40 dancers!

In 2005, we moved to Waterford, WI. We started a new dance program for the Waterford Recreation Department. We taught tumbling, ballet, jazz, pom, tap and hip hop for 2 years. In 2006 we also started the The Dazzler program in Waterford. We started with 2 teams and over 20 dancers!

In 2007, we finally had our own space! Foursis Dance Academy, LLC had opened in June 2007 in our own 1 room suite on Milwaukee Street in Waterford. We quickly had a need for more space and expanded within the building with 2 more suites and over 4,000sq ft. We taught ballet, poms, tumbling, tap, jazz, hip hop and our Dazzler Teams. We continued in our Milwaukee Street location for 4 years. Our studio grew from 50 students to 150! Our Dazzler program had also grown with the addition of a third team, the Dazzler Dynamini’s, for our youngest members.

In 2011, we started demo and construction and opened in September in our brand new 7,000sq ft location on Evergreen Drive in Waterford. This much needed space also allowed us to make the addition of our Gymnastics and Jr. Wolverines Cheer programs! The studio now welcomes almost 300 students weekly and has over 115 members on 8 different teams in our Dazzler Program.

The most rewarding part of our job is to be involved in your child’s life. We love watching our students, grow, learn and evolve not just in their sport but also in life. We have had the pleasure of watching our students succeed at the college and professional level in dance, gymnastics and cheer. We have former students who are part of dance and cheer teams at Universities in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa, and students who are professional dancers with the Milwaukee Bucks. We absolutely love our community and continue to give back to various programs in the Waterford Area. We also serve students from surrounding communities such as Burlington, Wind Lake, Rochester, Mukwonago, Franksville, Yorkville, Union Grove, Muskego and East Troy.

We are forever grateful to have been given the opportunities we have and are thankful to be able to share our passion with all of you.

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