BTB Explosive Training 
BTB Explosive training is designed for athletes who need to generate a quick burst of maximal effort, such as movements required in football, track and field sports, court sports, cycling etc. Explosive training is used to build quick, explosive power movements that require a maximum or near maximum power output from an athlete in a short amount of time.  Explosive training is used to recruit fast twitch muscle fibers to enhance athletic performance.  
The goal of explosive exercise training is to ultimately move weights very quickly and to get from point A to point B as fast as possible.  

BTB understands the importance of physical and mental training and the importance it has on the daily process of getting better and honing your craft.  BTB will help athletes develop perseverance and mental toughness.  Without mental toughness, one is always vulnerable for a breakdown no matter how strong and powerful you are.  BTB focuses on both the physical motor of the body and force that drives it.   

BTB Flexibility Training 
BTB Flexibility training focuses on an athletes flexibility to reduce injury and increase an athlete's ability to perform at an optimal performance level.  Flexibility is defined as the range of motion of a given joint or group of joints or the level of tissue extensibility that a muscle group possesses.  Increased flexibility will lead to increased range of motion through each joint and group of muscles within your body.  

BTB Flexibility training use active isolated stretching (AIS).  AIS will move your joints and muscles through a complete range of motion, holding the endpoint only briefly, then return to the starting point and then repeating.  AIS is used by athletes to prevent injuries or muscle imbalances.     

An optimal level of flexibility is absolutely critical for anyone involved in sports; otherwise athletes will experience some stage of breakdown in the bodies tissue that can lead to an injury. 


Mr. Jim has been a strength and condition coach for over 13 years. He started his career in Huntley Illinois, working at Huntley High School training their athletes for 3 years. After leaving Illinois, to be closer to family, has been working within the Muskego-Norway School District for the last 10 years training both high school and middle school athletes. He was the D1 Strength & Conditioning Coach at Muskego HS for 9 years, Huntley HS for 3 years & West Allis Central for 2 years. He most recently has started training the dancers and gymnasts at Foursis Dance Academy to be more explosive athletes. He is also a coach for the Waterford Youth Wrestling Club & will start coaching this year for the Waterford Youth Football Program. Mr. Jim is a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), NSCA/NFHS Strength and Condition Supervision certified, and USA Lifting, Olympic Lift certified. He believes in research based training to help all athletes become stronger, faster, and more explosive. This is to ensure they are the most competitive version of themselves for their sport. He believes strength training helps athletes not only develop physically for their sports, but also mentally. The demands of strength training helps reduce sports related injuries, because athletes are in peak physical condition to perform within their sport. Mr. Jim believes that all athletes need to look in the mirror and always out work the person in the mirror. When the person in mirror wants to quit, you keep going.

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