Dance Classes

Our dance program is for children ages 3 and up. We offer a wide variety of dance classes at each age level. We also have the Accelerated Dance Program and our Competitive Dance Program for dancers interested in pursuing dance further.

Gymnastics Classes

Our developmental gymnastics program is for children ages 3 and up teaches our students to always do their best and rewards them for individual achievements throughout the year. We strive for growth in every student! Our program is broken down in five different levels. Ages are listed as a general breakdown. All students must be placement tested for gymnastics classes. Advancement is based upon skill, not age.

Dance Team

Congratulations to the Foursis Dazzler Dance Team! The Foursis Dazzler Dance Team qualified for the prestigious USASF World Competition in Orlando, FL. The Dazzlers competed against teams from all over the world. The Dazzlers qualified to the Small Sr Pom Finals where they finished 6th in the World!

"What Foursis has done for my daughter in the last nine years is incredible! It goes beyond teaching her dance skills, but she has the tenacity for dance & for doing the best she can. Sometimes it can be tough but she never wants to give up. She has a passion for all forms of dance and I truly believe that performing at competitions & the annual recitals, have given her that confidence that will carry on with her for the rest of her life. Dance is not just tutus & frilly costumes, the coaches are creating strong athletes in their studio. They do not give up and we are happy to be a part of this Foursis dance family."

Jodi Miller, daughter McKenzie

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